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Sustainability is not an option, it's the Answer.
Our Commitment to Sustainability
High Liner Foods, maker of the brand Sea Cuisine,® feels a profound responsibility to our oceans and our planet. We are working with organizations committed to sustainability to ensure that 100% of the seafood we purchase will come from sustainable sources. Our commitment to sustainability begins on the water and continues all the way to your local store, from ocean to plate.

What is overfishing doing to our planet?

Severe depletion of fish:

In many parts of the world, the increase in commercial fishing has resulted in vast depletions of nature’s stocks of fish, with many species either depleted or facing depletion.

Damage to the Ecosystem:

Overfishing damages more than fish populations, it can reduce the survival chances of the entire ecosystem.

Stress on Fishing Communities:

As fish stocks are depleted, fishing fleets are moving into areas where the local economy depends on small fishing concerns, putting stress on the people who for generations have fished the surrounding waters in a way that did not deplete the stocks.


Solutions to overfishing

Solutions to overfishing include making sure that seafood companies only use seafood that has been legally caught and that the practices are in place to eliminate or minimize damage to the habitat and other species.

As one of North America’s leading seafood companies, High Liner Foods has taken a leading role in working with organizations committed to the sustainability of the oceans and the ecosystem. To ensure that 100% of the seafood we purchase will come from sustainable sources, we have taken many steps, including:

  • Supporting fishery and aquaculture (farming) improvement
  • Supporting sound scientific research that will bring sustainable improvements to our marine resources
  • Providing a safe work environment and wholesome products
  • Never purchasing seafood from illegal, unregulated or unreported fisheries
  • Holding our suppliers to high social, economic, and environmental standards
  • Providing consumers with the proof to be confident that our products are from sustainable sources


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