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All About Frozen Salmon


Sea Cuisine™ frozen salmon fillet recipes use only the highest quality seafood.

Sea Cuisine™ uses only the finest fish, which is flash-frozen at the source. Flash-freezing is a process that allows the fish to retain its unique flavor and texture. And that’s a plus for people who want to know how to cook frozen salmon fillets that taste as good as fresh.

Three delectable frozen salmon fillet recipe
entrées from Sea Cuisine™

Expertly seasoned, using only the finest herbs and spices, the frozen salmon fillet recipes created for Sea Cuisine™ (such as Mediterranean Crusted Salmon and Teriyaki Salmon) capture the fascinating flavors of international cuisine. They are designed for you to simply pop into the oven or microwave (depending on the recipe) and to serve in about 30 minutes or less. Voila! A gourmet-inspired meal that your family and friends will love!

Choose from the following recipes:

  • Mediterranean Crusted Salmon: Wild Pacific salmon fillet coated with Mediterranean sun-dried tomato and pine nut crust for a taste of the Italian coast
  • Honey Chipotle Salmon: Wild Pacific salmon fillet with a sweet honey and smoky chipotle crust
  • Teriyaki Salmon: Wild Pacific salmon fillet seasoned with
    teriyaki, garlic and ginger… a much better choice
    than Chinese take-out!






Frozen salmon fillet recipes from
Sea Cuisine™ pair with Chef Owen’s
wonderful Side Dish Shortcuts™!

To perfectly accompany each Sea Cuisine™ frozen salmon entree, Chef Owen has created a selection of Side Dish Shortcuts™ — side dish recipes using simple ingredients found in any home. These side dishes are such perfect complements to the salmon fillet entrees, that you’ll be tempted to make them a permanent addition to your recipe file.

To pair with Mediterranean Crusted Salmon:

Frozen salmon fillet recipes by Chef Owen Tilley

How to cook frozen salmon fillets and create a restaurant-quality seafood meal right in your own kitchen.

Many fish lovers place salmon at the top of their list because of its wonderful flavor, texture, and health benefits. Chef Owen Tilley, Executive Chef for High Liner Foods (USA), Inc. (a subsidiary of one of North America’s most respected frozen seafood producers and suppliers) has traveled the world to discover inspiration for delicious baked frozen salmon recipes for the new Sea Cuisine™ line of fully prepared seafood entrées. Chef Owen of Boston’s East Coast Grill fame (among many other fine restaurants) has put his signature on three delicious salmon entrees that make it easy for you to serve a restaurant-quality seafood meal right in your own kitchen. A professional chef’s recipes on your table any time! Learn more about our frozen salmon recipes.

Now, in about 30 minutes or less, you will know how to cook frozen salmon fillets and serve a gourmet seafood meal worthy of the finest restaurant in town! Try all Sea Cuisine™ Seafood Entrées. Enjoy!

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