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All about frozen fish


How to cook frozen fish fillets; cooking gourmet frozen fish recipes

If you cook frozen fish fillets, do you still get the flavor and nutrients of fresh fish?

Yes! Did you know that the freezing process locks in the flavor and health benefits of fish? It’s true. Fish that has been frozen soon after it is caught retains its taste and texture. And the nutrients that make fish such a smart food choice are still in there too. So by cooking frozen fish fillets you can create delicious and healthy seafood meals that you can be proud of.

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Cooking frozen fish is really easy with entrées from Sea Cuisine™

To cook frozen fish fillets that even the most sophisticated palate would appreciate was the challenge that High Liner Foods (USA), Inc. gave to their executive chef, Owen Tilley, when developing their line of Sea Cuisine™ Frozen Seafood Entrées. Chef Owen, of Boston’s East Side Grill, among many other fine restaurants, researched hundreds of ways to cook fish in order to meet the challenge and has perfected a host of gourmet frozen fish entrées for you to make at home. They make it easy for you to prepare restaurant-quality seafood right in your own kitchen in about 30 minutes or less!

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Discover the frozen fish recipes in your supermarket:
Sea Cuisine™ Seafood Entrées

Sea Cuisine uses only the highest quality fish that is flash-frozen at the source, allowing it to retain its unique flavor, texture and health benefits. Perfectly seasoned and ready to pop into the oven, these entrées are so delicious that your family and friends will never believe that you didn’t create them from scratch.

Frozen fish fillet entrées from Sea Cuisine™ make a complete meal
when paired with Chef Owen’s wonderful Side Dish Shortcuts™!

To perfectly accompany each Sea Cuisine™ frozen fish fillet entree, Chef Owen has created side dish recipes using simple ingredients found in most kitchens. These fast and easy-to-prepare side dishes are the perfect complement to the Sea Cuisine™ entrées and are so scrumptious, you’ll be tempted to use them again and again.

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