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Sea Cuisine

Rooted in chef culture, from the back of house to your kitchen

Sea Cuisine’s heritage was born from the expertise and skills of chefs. Our seafood recipes were originally created by chefs for chefs to serve in restaurants. Now you can bring these recipes into your kitchen and use them as inspiration to your own culinary creativity.

Recipes you crave

Thanks to our chefs’ extensive recipe development, our seafood is exquisitely flavored and masterfully seasoned. Each recipe uses complementary ingredients that create great depths of flavor while letting the seafood shine. So, no matter what you’re craving — some sweet Bourbon salmon or garlic and herb tilapia, perhaps? — you can expect restaurant-worthy results every time.

It all begins with sustainability

Sea Cuisine will continue to push culinary boundaries so you can explore your own. As our chefs bring you bold and exciting seafood, we will always find inspiration in the beauty of the sea. Our recipes begin with sourcing sustainable seafood. By using responsible sourcing practices, we maintain strict criteria for our suppliers to make sure we’re doing our part in the protection and viability of seafood globally.

Learn more about our sustainability mission