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Sea Cuisine

Teriyaki Sesame Salmon

Chef crafted seafood that is easy to prepare at home. Delicious chef-inspired flavors to elevate your meal. High quality fish fillets. Two wild Alaska salmon fillets seasoned with ginger, soy sauce & red pepper.
Product details: NET WT 9 OZ (255g)
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4.8 oz (134g/About 1 Fillet)
Amount% Daily Value
Calories From Fat110
Total Fat12g18%
Saturated Fat2g10%
Trans Fat0g
Total Carbohydrate10g3%
Dietary Fiber0g0%
Total Sugars0g
Vitamin A2%
Vitamin C0%


  • Preheat skillet on medium/high heat. Place frozen fillets in a single layer into skillet and cook for 10-11 minutes, turning over halfway through cooking.
  • NOTE: Cook to a minimum temperature of 165 ̊F.

Conventional Oven

  • Preheat oven to 400°F. Place frozen fillets in single layer on a shallow, foil-lined baking pan. Baking for 18-20 minutes.
  • NOTE: Cook to a minimum temperature of 165 ̊F.
  • Warning: While every effort has been made to remove bones from this product, some bones may remain. Please use caution when consuming.
  • Note: Remember to keep frozen -18 °C (0 °F) until you’re ready to Chef it up™. Do not thaw, cook only from frozen. And for optimal food safety and quality, please be sure to follow these cooking instructions.

Pan Sear Sesame Teriyaki Salmon Lettuce Wraps

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