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Sea Cuisine

Smoked Applewood Salmon BBQ Sandwich

Our Applewood Smoked Salmon Sandwich creates a symphony of flavors. Assemble your sandwich with prepared coleslaw and a toasted brioche bun and enjoy how the smoky richness of the Salmon intertwines.
Serves: 2
Prep time: 10 mins
Cook time: 17-22 mins


  • 2 ea Sea Cuisine Mediterranean Salmon
  • 2 ea Brioche Bun
  • 4 oz Prepared Coleslaw
  • 2 ea Boston Bibb Lettuce large leaves
  1. Prepare the Salmon according to the package instructions and toast the brioche bun if desired.
  2. Assemble the sandwiches beginning with a large leaf of bibb lettuce to hold the coleslaw on the bottom bun. Add a fully cooked portion of Salmon and the bun top to finish.